Hi Everyone, I am a newlywed and have always loved to cook, bake, and entertain. Lately I decided to start making cakes and now I can't stop; whether its cakes, cupcakes, cake truffles, etc!! I just love everything about them... the creativity, versatility, and the love that they bring to those who eat them.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can you dig it??? Noah is ONE

I LOVE this birthday party theme.... 
(I may be a little biased though because I helped pick it out, LOL). 
This weekend was my little nephews 1st birthday party!

  Noah's smash cake...
Check out the dessert table.... The kids also had ice cream sundae's & got to add their own dirt and worms to them.  So fun!
Noah and his Sher Sher... me :)
It's CAKE time...
(Big Sis is sooo excited for Noah to have his cake)
 Noah was so sweet.... instead of smashing his cake, he decided to share it with ALL the kiddos! 
That's just the kind of guy this handsome little fellow is, LOL.  

Or..... he may have just been full from all the pizza??
Isn't this a precious little family?!? (By the way, this is my twin sister)
 Remember in my last post I told you how creative & talented my older sister is?!?!  
Well......... check out these signs that she made for Noah's 1st birthday party.....LOVE them!