Hi Everyone, I am a newlywed and have always loved to cook, bake, and entertain. Lately I decided to start making cakes and now I can't stop; whether its cakes, cupcakes, cake truffles, etc!! I just love everything about them... the creativity, versatility, and the love that they bring to those who eat them.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goldfish 1st Birthday Party

And not just any goldfish.... Pepperidge Farm Goldfish  

Happy 1st Birthday Hudson...  

Little goldfish crackers were used to spell out Hudson's name :)

The #1 cake was made to resemble the invitation 
(And do I have a story for you.... see below)  
How SWEET is this HUGE smile?!?!


My first CAKE DISASTER.................!!!!!


YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS....... you are looking at a cake that is fully covered in buttercream icing & fondant BUT............. it's facing the WRONG direction!!!!!

So yes, I was going about my cheerful ole time decorating this cake, listening to music, etc, and I grabbed out the birthday invitation so that I could reference it while putting the final decorations on this cake.  And then  I realized....... IT'S BACKWARDS!!!!  
So long story short... a cake that should have been fairly simple turned into a HUGE DISASTER and took double the amount of time that it should have :(   And the worst part is that yes, I could blame this mistake on my husband...., or our recent move...., my day job...., stress...., etc.... distracting me.  BUT in reality there is no one to blame but myself, HAHA.  I assure you I will never make this mistake again. (Maaannn.... I guess this means that I am only human, lol.)