Hi Everyone, I am a newlywed and have always loved to cook, bake, and entertain. Lately I decided to start making cakes and now I can't stop; whether its cakes, cupcakes, cake truffles, etc!! I just love everything about them... the creativity, versatility, and the love that they bring to those who eat them.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Cake

To our men and women in uniform… past, present, and future. God bless you and thank you.

Margaritaville Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Clayton!
These cupcakes were made to go with the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville themed birthday party.  They are chocolate cupcakes topped with refreshing key lime buttercream icing, a sugar rim, and garnished with a tropical parasol.

P.S. Sorry it has taken me so long to blog these past two weeks. I have been on a wonderful (and much needed) vacation in Hawaii celebrating my one year anniversary with my husband. I can't believe it has been a year already! These cupcakes make me feel like I am back on vacation - lol.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Atlanta Braves Baseball Hat

Happy 40th Birthday Trent!
As I previously mentioned, my husband is a HUGE baseball fan and I never thought I would meet someone else who loves baseball as much as he does…. but I think I have finally met his match – LOL. Trent is also an immense baseball fan and goes to all the extremes that my husband does. The only difference is that Trent’s favorite team is the Atlanta Braves and my husband’s is still the New York Yankees.
This is a vanilla cake covered in buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant.