Hi Everyone, I am a newlywed and have always loved to cook, bake, and entertain. Lately I decided to start making cakes and now I can't stop; whether its cakes, cupcakes, cake truffles, etc!! I just love everything about them... the creativity, versatility, and the love that they bring to those who eat them.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Haley’s 1st Baking Class…

So I know I was supposed to take the week off from baking, but when I found out that I was going to babysit my little niece Haley this weekend I just couldn't resist teaching her some of Sher Sher’s baking techniques – LOL.
I know this is not a cake, but I had to post these adorable pictures of Haley making her first homemade Imo's pizza! I am SOOO proud of her. Her pizza not only looked fantastic, but it tasted amazing as well. Even my husband said that this is the best homemade Imo's pizza he has had yet! Way to go my little chef!!!

My family is from St. Louis, MO and we are all HUGE fans of Imo's pizza; So much that every time we go into town, we always buy several bottles of their famous pizza sauce & special cheese so that we can make our own Imo’s pizza to hold us over until our next visit to Missouri for the real stuff.